Service Portfolio

The TRM provides cutting-edge services ranging from the conduct of research assignments and non-clinical safety tests to the development of preclinical studies. Furthermore, the TRM realises successful knowledge transfer and skills development between science and business with a broad range of qualifications, seminars and trainings.

In particular, the scope of services consists of

Research and Development Services

Non-clinical Safety Testing
  • Tumorigenicity testing of cells
  • Testing of contamination with mycoplasma
  • Capillary electrophoretic analyses of proteins, RNA and DNA
  • Determination of clinical chemistry parameters
  • Cell viability determination
Preclinical Services
  • Planning and development of preclinical projects
  • Preclinical evaluation of safety and efficacy of ATMPs

Image Processing

  • Quantitative image and data analysis
  • Development of individual image processing solutions
  • Vizualisation of analysis results
Continuing Education and Consulting
  • Seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences on the translational process and regulatory affairs
  • Hands-on seminars on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in the own training laboratory
  • Advice on regulatory issues