Academic Continuing Education

Academic continuing education at the TRM Leipzig is dedicated to life scientists, physicians, veterinarians and technical assistants from academia, competent authorities and industry.

We host regular events, seminars and courses for TRM members and those interested. Click here for an overview about the upcoming events you can get involved with.

With high relevance to application they hear how to translate research into commercial products and especially learn about the requirements of the European Agency that must be met for the evaluation of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) on the way to achieving a central license.

As invited speakers are experts from science and practice and national and European authorities as well, all seminars and workshops are highly application-oriented. Participants will gain knowledge about legal bases with a main focus on patent law and licensing, the German Stem Cell Act, the German Embryo Protection Law, the Regulation (EC) No 1394/2007 on ATMPs, the Tissue Act (Gewebegesetz) and the German Medical Devices Law (MPG).

With its lecture series the TRM Leipzig further informs about current trends in basic research and quality management systems in cell cultures. Since 2009 the TRM offers seminars and trainings on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), a quality system for conducting nonclinical health and environmental safety studies.

  • Seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences covering topics in the bench to bedside process in the regenerative medicine field developing ATMPs
  • Practical seminars on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in the own GLP training laboratory
  • TRM modules "Regenerative and Translational Medicine" within the part-time postgraduate master programme "Clinical Research and Translational Medicine" or as single modules
  • World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, every two years in Leipzig, co-organized by the TRM Leipzig
  • Symposium "Law and ethics in medical research", co-organized by the TRM Leipzig on a biennial schedule in Leipzig or Halle



Personnel Development and Continuing Education Advisor

Dr. Susanne Müller

Tel: +49 341 97-39635